Academy Calendar, Covid Guidelines

The 2022-2023 Academic Term runs September 6 through June 10. Classes will be held as scheduled. We do not follow school closings or Federal Holidays with the exception of Labor Day and Memorial Day Weekend.  

Adult classes will also offer a Zoom option. Youth classes will only be offered in specific cases as need determines. If classes cannot be held in-studio, you will be notified by email that only Zoom classes are offered. We will always offer the in-studio option if possible.

Covid Guidelines
Due to Covid-19, we are opening with an abundance of caution, practicing cleaning per CDC guidelines. The following rules must be followed by staff and students.

  • In-Studio Class size will be limited. Classes will be available through Zoom
  • Students must be registered for classes and make a reservation for entry into the studio.
  • Students’ and Staffs’ temperatures will be taken upon entrance
  • All students and staff must wear masks and practice social distancing.
  • Parents must stay with minor student at the main front door until temperature check. Only students will be admitted
  • Students Must come attired for dance class, under street wear.
  • Students Must bring their own water bottle
  • They will be given a sanitized basket for personal belongings, water bottle/ snack (for campers only).
  • Students must sanitize their hands upon entry
  • Street shoes will be removed before entering, placed in the basket and they will be given a designated spot at the barre. Once settled they can put on their dance shoes.
  • Baskets placed at the students’ spot will serve as rest areas, for water intake, and to keep their belongings separated
  • The studio floor will be taped to designate 6 foot square areas to maintain distance
  • The dressing rooms will be closed
  • The lobby will be closed
  • Students are asked to use restrooms at home, prior to coming. If restroom use is needed children will be escorted/bathroom will be wiped down before each use.
  • Teens and older students will be given a sanitizing cloth to use on the bathroom facilities, prior to using the bathroom
  • Minor Students will be released directly to parents who must come to the front door.
  • All students will exit practicing social distancing
  • The studio floor, barres, handles and door knobs will be sanitized before each class
  • Students, Parents of minors will be required to sign a Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Students/families exposed to someone with Covid or who travel must quarantine for 14 days upon return and no symptoms or 7 days after a negative covid test