Proper Attire is a tool to create a better dancer

It is respectful to instructors, as it demonstrates that students care about the class they are in, and that they are focused and ready to work. It allows instructors to see if the body is being held in proper anatomical alignment, if the right muscles are being engaged, and to give more precise, beneficial and more meaningful corrections. In turn, the dancer can see the adjustments as they make them, dance stronger, healthier and prevent repetitive injuries caused by incorrect placement.

Females – All dancers should have hair secured from face for all classes. All ballet dancers should wear a bun if possible. This allows instructor and dancer to see the line created by the shoulder, neck, arms and back, and to focus on technique without hair distraction.  All female Youth Division dancers should have ribbons, not elastic, on their shoes.

PreBallet, Ballet I: any color leo, ballet pink or flesh-tone tights, shoes with ribbons, hair in a bun, skirts permitted, attached to leo is preferred.

Ballet I, Ballet III, Ballet IV, Elem., Int., Adv: any color leo, ballet pink or flesh-tone tights, shoes with ribbons, hair in a bun, if possible, waist band. Skirts are permitted

Jazz: any color leo, any color tights, jazz pants or shorts, black jazz shoes preferred, hair secured from face.


Ballet Dancers: white t-shirt, black tights, ballet slippers with elastic.  Adults may wear athletic pants.

Jazz/Tap Class-T-shirt or form fitting shirt, tight/pants/jazz pants black shoes preferred.

A proper fitting shoe is the most important investment in ballet attire. Please purchase your dance shoes from a reputable dance store. Female Dancers are asked to have ribbons, not elastic on their shoes.  This is inconvenient, but I believe it is the best method for (1) keeping the shoe on & (2) developing the foot properly.

youtube on sewing ribbons on and tying ballet shoe ribbons.  I do not singe the ribbon ends while it is on the dancer’s foot :>